Body Wash


Lather, Rinse, Love Repeat!

Dive into an invigorating shower experience with our Body Wash, lovingly crafted right here in Australia. Whether you're kickstarting your day or winding down for the night, we're here to make every shower a delightful escape.

  • Seriously Aussie: 100% Australian-made goodness in every bottle.
  • Coconut Dreamin': Derived from 80% coconut oil, it's like giving your skin a tropical vacay. Plus, with Vitamin E packed in, you're in for soft, radiant vibes.
  • Three Scent Choices: Whether you're feeling the mysterious allure of Black Spice, the comforting embrace of Vanilla & Sweet Orange, or the refreshing touch of Wild Sage, we've got a scent to tickle your fancy.
  • Only the Good Stuff: Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, because kindness rocks! And oh, we've said no to gluten, soy, GMOs, Parabens, Mineral Oil, Phthalates, Formaldehyde, Palm Oil, and PEGs. Your skin deserves the best, without the nasties.
  • Fur-Baby Friendly: We love animals as much as you do. That’s why we promise, no bunnies were bothered in the making of this product.

Ready to treat your skin to a clean and serene experience? Grab your bottle, and let's make every shower feel like a mini-getaway.

Elula Home Scent List


This captivating fragrance opens with a lively blend of juicy blackberries and raspberries. At its heart, delicate white florals add a touch of elegance, while creamy vanilla and luscious musk provide a warm and harmonious base.



Immerse yourself in the tranquility of spices and florals with notes of black pepper and bay leaf layered on classic lavender with a woody, musky base.



Experience the allure of a sensual floral bouquet, featuring the delicate notes of pink lotus and camellia. These captivating florals are perfectly complemented by the bright and zesty aroma of lemon, while amber and white musk add a warm and inviting base to this exquisite fragrance. 



Transport yourself to a place of pure comfort with the nostalgic aroma of freshly laundered linens drying in the breeze. This delightful fragrance opens with bright and zesty top notes of lemon, lime, green apple, and clean ozone. The heart of the scent is a beautiful blend of cedar, jasmine, lavender, and lily, while the soft and soothing base notes of violet, lavender, and musk provide a gentle and relaxing finish to this lovely fragrance.



Get ready for summer with this popular fragrance that captures the essence of the season. The refreshing aroma of fresh coconut is perfectly balanced with zesty lime, creating a bright and invigorating scent. A hint of vanilla adds a touch of sweetness and warmth, making this fragrance the perfect accessory for any summer day.



Treat yourself to the captivating aroma of a beloved and sweet flowering vine with this enchanting fragrance. This delightful scent perfectly captures the essence of the bloom, showcasing its alluring and irresistible floral notes that are sure to leave a lasting impression on all who encounter it.



Enjoy the perfect blend of zesty lime and grounding sandalwood with this delightful fragrance. The uplifting aroma of lime is expertly blended with the sublime essence of sandalwood, creating a harmonious and captivating scent. As the fragrance fills the air, the bright and invigorating notes of lime perfectly complement the warm and comforting base of sandalwood, leaving you with a sense of refreshment and relaxation.



Savor the sweet and salty aroma of buttery caramel with this enriching fragrance. The scent is perfectly balanced with the rich and creamy notes of vanilla, coconut, and tonka bean, creating a delightful and captivating aroma. As the fragrance unfolds, the sweet and salty notes of caramel are beautifully complemented by the warm and comforting base notes, leaving you with a sense of satisfaction and contentment.


Indulge in the perfect balance of creamy vanilla and coconut, artfully paired with juicy orange in this playful fragrance. The delightful combination evokes the carefree essence of summertime, leaving you yearning for its sunny days all year round.



A vibrant awakening of zesty citrus and crisp sage, grounded by a warm, woody foundation. Like a morning coffee in a stylish café, it's both refreshing and rich. Perfect for elevating any space.



Immerse yourself in the luxurious and warming scent of this woody fragrance. The aroma opens with bright and zesty top notes of bergamot and lemon peel, creating a refreshing and invigorating start. The earthy base notes of sandalwood, cedar wood, and patchouli provide a grounding and comforting foundation, while the hints of vanilla and white musk add a touch of sweetness and warmth to the overall scent. This fragrance is the perfect balance of freshness and warmth, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.


Well-being, peace and balance

Featuring a diverse range of scents to enrich your home

Customer Reviews

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I’ve been buying Elula for years now and I absolutely loveeeeee! The candles & room sprays are my FAV! Loving the new refill candles. Boujee is my fav scent at the moment 😍

Jadi Lacco
Obsessed! 5 stars 🌟

I am obsessed with this scent!! Amazing product.