Introducing Elula Home

Featuring a diverse range of scents to enrich your home, Elula creates fragrances and products designed to uplift your senses and bring ambience and comfort into your space.




Woodwick Candles

Paired with our coconut soy wax and crackling wood wicks, our candles are a unique experience, offering a wide range of scents that are sure to suit any scent preference.

Beautiful Scents

Room Diffusers

Did you know that sense of smell is the strongest of the senses? That is why scent can trigger such vivid memories. We want to boost peoples happiness and improve their lives through beautiful scents. 

Experience elula

Candle Accessories

Enrich your Elula experience with high quality accessories, that compliment our luxurious products and bring ambience and comfort into your home.


Well-being, peace and balance

Featuring a diverse range of scents to enrich your home


Who is Elula?

Established on the sunny Gold Coast in 2018 by wife and husband duo, Ash and Josh, Elula Home (formerly Blossom by Ash) offers customers an affordable, yet luxurious collection consisting of hand poured candles and home fragrances.

"Absolutely in love with these beautiful candles and diffusers... The fragrance is what has me hooked and coming back for more, the scent is definitely smelt in room/area it is put in."
— Steph G
"The candle smell travels through our whole house it’s so beautiful and it’s so relaxing to hear the crackle as the wood wick burns."
— Brooke P
"The only diffuser I’ll ever buy again. They actually last! Smells divine!"
— Helen F
"This candle filled my house with such a beautiful floral scent. Definitely the best candle I have purchased."
— Fiona T
"The best candles I’ve ever used. And the only ones I’ll continue to buy! I love the Stunning jars, the beautiful sounding crackle from the wood-wick, and the delicious scents that burn strong the whole way through..."
— Ashleigh C
"The best candles I have purchased. I love how one candle can make my house smell so nice. I will be purchasing more."
— Andrea C
From our hands to your home

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