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About Elula

Elula Home (formerly Blossom by Ash) was established in 2018 through the eyes of wife and husband duo Ash and Josh, located on the sunny Gold Coast, Australia.

Elula Home offers customers an affordable, yet luxurious collection consisting of hand poured candles & home fragrances.

Our Fragrances

Our fragrances are the highest quality and selected with the most care to ensure we deliver the best product possible. Paired with our coconut soy wax & crackling wood wicks, our candles are a unique experience & product. Offering a wide range of scents that are sure to suit any scent preference. From clean to sweet, fresh to floral, you are sure to find a scent to fall in love with. 


We believe that scent can greatly improve our lives and can be an important part in our daily routine. It helps us unwind, relax and even celebrate.

Did you know

Our sense of smell is the strongest of all the senses and is directly connected to our brain? That is why scent can trigger such vivid memories. The smell receptors in our noses communicate with the same areas of the brain that store our memories, process emotions and learning.

Our Goal

To create fragrances that bring a positive experience to our daily lives and contribute to our self care routines. At Elula Home we want to boost peoples happiness and improve their lives by incorporating beautiful scents.


From our hands to your home, we hope you love our specially crafted products.

Elula Home x